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A bird wispered in my ear that it was going to snow today. But where is it? I can see the sun and the green grass outside. December? I want snow. I want it white. I want a snowy white Christmas. And I want it NOW!!

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To write my essay after the Winter Formal was brilliant idea! Right now, I’ve got loads of inspiration.

Last night was filled with drama. Tears, fights, boys. It really annoys me when boys comes before girlfriends. For god sake, we’re an army and we shouldn’t be fighting with each other.

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Some water photography. I bet you’ve never seen shot like this before! Haha.

Now in the end of term I have a lot of work to do. Tomorrow, I have to finish an essay in English Lang & Lit. Usually when I have to start writing, I just look at a blank sheet of paper and than a whole lot of ideas is coming up in my head.  But recently my brain have stopped working. It feels like my brain suddenly is disconnected  to my body and we can’t work togeheter anymore. Maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s the dark season. But maybe, doesnt help me finish my essay. My brain is empty. Oh well.. I’m still capable of think about my future, plan and organize. But when it comes to writing. Nothing.

Tonight’s Winter Formal. I am wearing a gray dress with a rose in my hair. Better go and take a shower now before Mica’s coming.

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