White, white and Frida

Frida Åström

Snowday with F

My snow paradise :)

M’s Birthday

Oh I love birthdays! A day filled with joy and happiness. Celebrate getting older and more mature.
Seriously, I think ageing is cool. I mean… Eighteen years ago I was a little toddler not even three weeks old and my feet were like 7cm long… I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t walk. And I look at myself now.. I am singing, I am dancing. Can you belive what Eighteen years can do to your body? Eighteen years from now I’ll probably be all wrinkly and wonder were my beauty went haha. Anyhooo ageing=cool

White white

Our livingroom is now white(!!!). A couple of hours ago the room had some kind of coffee-brown colour. Yes, I’m proud of my painting skills :)